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Behind the Scenes Fabrication of Your Glass

Station 1 Glass Cutting

In the coming weeks we plan to give a complete tour of our production facility. We will begin this week with the automated glass cutting area. Thank you for watching!

Station 2 Edgework

In this station glass edge work is taking place. This includes flat polishing and beveling.

Station 3 Vertical Milling

In this station glass is having holes drilled and notched milled. We use a Intermac vertical drill for precision work.

Station 4 Horizontal Milling

This is our Intermac 45 horizontal milling machine. We use it to bevel, polish, drill, and mill specialty glass that cannot be done on other machines due to their intricate nature.

Intermac 45 at American Glass

Intermac 45 milling corner notches in 3/8″ clear glass.

Station 5 Tempering

In this station annealed glass becomes tempered. This process consists of heating the glass to up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass is then rapidly cooled to produce a stronger and safer glass. This glass is mandatory in an array of applications such as shower doors and stair railings.

Station 6 Surface Treatment

Our surface treatment area has many options to better the aesthetics and longevity of the product. Sandblasting creates a frosted effect that can be used in many applications. Diamond seal creates an applied barrier against glass corrosion. These processes and more are done at this work station.

Station 7 Insulated Glass

American Glass has been creating custom insulated glass for many years and now we have acquired the ability to mass produce units with our production line. This machine has given us the ability to better serve larger customers that require large amounts of square-shaped glass.

Station 8 Shipping & Receiving

Glass must be shipped in and sorted for our automated glass handling and cutting line. After the final product is complete that same glass will be loaded onto our specifically designed trucks to be delivered to wholesale customers.

Station 9 Recycling Glass

Glass is cut out of large sheets with a computer guided system to minimize waste. Some waste will still occur, this glass is broken down and loaded onto large trucks to be melted town in the glass manufacturing process.